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Normal people who wear the clothes that designers make come in all shapes and sizes and it would sometimes seem that designers might not be completely aware of this fact. They seem to forget that everyone is not the same single digit size and that some women or in fact a lot of women do wear dresses size 16 or higher. This also applies in equal parts to large manufacturers of popular brands of clothing. For people who have regular sized figures it is a huge task finding the styles that are popular and available in the kind of sizes that they wear.

Even without the added hassle of finding clothes in your size, it is hard to enough to dress well these days with the speed with which fashion trends seem to move. The fashion world is a fickle one and seems to move from one hot style to the next hot style almost too fast for most people to keep up. Designers ship new collections in faster and faster cycles these days and the new collections for the fall and winter are often shown at fashion weeks and on catwalks even before the current collection for the spring and summer hits the stores. In this entire bustle it can sometimes be hard for even the trendiest person to keep their finger on the pulse of what is hot and what is cool. The flip side of this though is that fashion always revisits trends and styles, so if you buy designer outfits chances are that they will be in style again later if not sooner.

Thus designer clothes are still a great investment as nothing makes you look better with less effort than putting on a nice outfit that fits well and flatters your figure. But this is very difficult if you donít have a body that looks like it belongs on a catwalk or in a television commercial. Even though most designers and manufacturers claim that their clothing lines are wearable, it is very hard to believe that when most retailers do not carry the styles of the day in sizes that fit most people. The answer to all of this is to go online and pick the styles you like in the sizes you are looking for. Finding dresses size 16 and higher may be difficult in real life but at an online retailers it is no problem at all.